Things have happened in your life that you want to get down, for whatever reason, before it’s too late. Maybe you’ve even started a memoir but keep putting it aside. Your mind is a jumble of memory fragments–how can you possibly make sense of it all?

You know you need a kickstart–a prod to keep going. Deadlines are helpful. A little confidence wouldn’t hurt either.

Or maybe things are changing in your life and you’re seeking a bit of direction, a better sense of who you are and what matters most in life.

Guided Autobiography (GAB) helps us to recall, write about and share some of the richest, most important parts of our past–the things that shaped us. We tackle themes like our families, our health, our work; we explore our loves, our fears and joys, our challenges and triumphs. And we do it all in a small supportive group, just two pages at a time.

We learn. We reflect. We talk. We laugh.

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Let me introduce myself. I’m Wendy Bancroft and I’m the “guide” in “guided.” You can find out about me here.